Regional Alumni Association Clubs

First established in May 2013, California Western's official regional Alumni Association clubs continue to form across the country. With the Alumni Association as an umbrella organization, regional clubs and officers have been implemented in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Phoenix, Seattle, and San Diego. Clubs are in the process of forming in Dallas, San Francisco, Orange County, Washington, D.C., Denver, and Utah.

Clubs are led by passionate volunteers that promote and represent the law school's mission and values. Community-building events such as the inaugural Volunteer Days of Service and alumni receptions bring our network of graduates closer together, strengthening the unique and valued connections made at California Western.

As new clubs form and continue to grow, the office of Alumni Affairs is happy to provide expertise and assistance. We welcome the opportunity to assist club leaders in connecting with other local alumni and organizing opportunities for involvement.


Regional Clubs and Officers

Dawnie M. Ichimura '96
Nils P. S. Katahara '75
Scott M. LaFountaine '08
Wyeth M. Matsubara '97
David Y. Suzuki '96

Katherine Boyd ‘11
Stephanie J. Magers ’06
Margaret K. Murray ‘93

Las Vegas
Brian Blankenship '08
Cody S. Mounteer '08
Tara D. Newberry '06
Ingrid M. Patin '08

Los Angeles
Kelly M. Douglas ‘03
David B. Kirschner '05
Elsie L. Secoquian ‘03
Elan N. Stone ‘06

New York Alumni Club
James Phan ‘08
Jason P. Marmo '96
Meredith S. Mazzola '06
Jenae N. Ruesch '01
Sarah E. Sheldon '06

Jennifer A. Alewelt '09
Jenna C. Gamble '12
Jordan R. Heisler '12
Alan Lewenstein '05
Devin Sreecharana '11

Palm Springs Alumni Club
Samantha Cantilena ‘12
Jenny Doling ‘00
Kevin Metros ‘11
Eve Fromberg-Edelstein ‘97

For more information on creating or joining a regional alumni club in your area, please contact Lori Boyle at or 619-515-1543.