Recent Work from Our Community of Scholars

Members of the California Western faculty contribute to a broader understanding of the law through their teaching and scholarship. Among their recent publications are the following:

Associate Dean William J. Aceves with Gershon Shafir and Everard Meade
Lessons and Legacies in the War on Terror

Co-written with two professors from UC San Diego, Lessons and Legacies in the War on Terror explores how the post-9/11 “moral panic” exploited international threats to individuals and institutions to fit domestic political agendas.

Professor James M. Cooper with Christine Hunefeldt
Environment and Law in Amazonia: A Plurilateral Encounter

Co-edited with a member of the UC San Diego faculty, Amazonia explores how issues as diverse as sustainable development, climate change, corporate liability, and genocide affect the nine countries comprising the Amazon Basin. The chapters derive from a 2010 conference co-sponsored by California Western and UC San Diego with Title VI funds from the U.S. Department of Education. Contributors include Professors Richard Finkmoore and William Aceves as well as scholars from the University of California system.

Professor Arthur W. Campbell
Trial and Error: the Education of a Freedom Lawyer―Return to the Defense

The third installment in Campbell’s critically acclaimed memoirs tracks his path from the courtroom to the classroom, culminating in his defense work in an anti-nuclear protest case involving Campbell’s wife, author Drusilla Campbell. It was the largest mass-protest trial in San Diego history.

Professor Barbara J. Cox with Mary Barnard Ray
Beyond the Basics: a Text for Advanced Legal Writing (3rd ed.)

This updated textbook highlights advanced legal writing techniques used when drafting contracts, jury instructions, opinion letters, and more. The writings of Cox and Ray have proved influential in the evolution of advanced legal writing courses in American law schools.

Professor Jacquelyn H. Slotkin with Samantha Slotkin-Goodman
Mother In Law: Work-Life Balance from the Children’s Perspective

Professor Slotkin recently published the third in a series of books looking at the effect of legal careers on families. Mother In Law includes essays and drawings from the children of lawyers ranging from age three to 40, sharing stories of their mothers’ (and fathers’) work-life balance and the effect a career in law can have on a family.