This Honor Roll of Donors recognizes alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of California Western whose contributions above $100 were received between August 1, 2010 and July 31, 2011. Your contributions supported many programs at the law school, including:

  • Annual Fund
  • Student Scholarships 
  • California Innocence Project
  • Josiane Dixon Public Interest Law Foundation Memorial Endowment
  • Proyecto ACCESO
Your consistent support allows California Western to continue to expand the clinical programs and legal education our students expect from us. Each of you provides the foundation for California Western’s panoramic approach to the law and makes possible our promise of educating ethical and compassionate lawyers to be as creative problem solvers and principled advocates. The entire law school community thanks you for supporting the students and mission of California Western.

* Note: Names in bold are faculty and staff members of California Western School of Law

Lifetime Juris | Circle of Excellence | Dean's Cabinet | Dean's Affiliates | Loyalty Circle | Juris | G.O.L.D.
Annual Supporters $999-$500 | Annual Supporters $499-$100 | Gifts Under $100

Lifetime Juris $100,000+

Roy and Diane Bell
Eileen and Harold Brown
Constance and David Clapp
Dean Emeritus Michael and Katy Dessent
Murray and Elaine Galinson
Frederic L. Gordon '81
Kathleen Murphy Jones and J. Randall Jones
Merle Shapiro
Mrs. Anna Simon
Dean Steven R. and Lera B. Smith
Mrs. Fern Stanford

Circle of Excellence $10,000+

Jana K. Bartlit and Fred H. Bartlit
Marlene J Gaskins Trust
Patricia Halsey-Munroe '75
Robert L. Hyde '02
Latham & Watkins, LLP
Duane W. Layton '82
Parker Foundation
Price Family Charitable Fund
Dwight E. and Fern Stanford
The Dwight E. Stanford Trust
Joshua B. Swigart '02
Abbe Wolfsheimer Stutz

Dean's Cabinet $9,999-$5,000

Charles R. Grebing
Jeffrey S. and Joanna J. Isaacs
William S. Lerach
Alan Lewenstein '05
Jeffrey D. Lewin
Dean Steven R. and Lera B. Smith
Warren R. Staley
The Honorable Howard B. and Mrs. Joan C. Wiener

Dean's Affiliates $4,999-$2,500

Associate Dean William and Seema Aceves
American Inns of Court Louis Welsh Chapter
Roy and Diane Bell
Gilbert Binninger
Pamela S. Binninger
Professor Barbara Cox and Peg Habetler
Barbara L. Davis
Daniel L. Essig '07
Richard S. Koblentz
Thomas A. Lehrer
Mary Ellen Mahoney
Mitch and Tomoe Michino
Ralph Gano Miller
James T. Nystrom
Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch
Jeffrey S. Raynes '76
The Honorable Janis Sammartino
Seacliff Advisors, Inc.
Professor Jan Stiglitz and Gail Satter Stiglitz

Loyalty Circle $2,499-$1,500

Professors Thomas Barton and Sharon Foster
Rick Billings
The Honorable Larrie R. '68 and Kathleen R. Brainard '88
Professor Susan A. Channick
Han P. and Meredith J. Ching
Andy and Marcia Cook
Robert '76 and Judith Dowd
Kenneth Fait '69
Professor Emeritus George and Martha Gafford
Troy H. Geisser '85
Kenneth L. and Patricia Greenman
Hung Wo & Elizabeth Lau Ching Foundation
"King" Stahlman Bail Bonds, Inc.
Samuel S. Lionel
Little Flower Fund
Mark Mandell and Dawn Rose
Professor Phyllis Marion
The Honorable David L. Minning and Mrs. Diane O. Whittenberg
Nathaniel D. Davis Foundation
Jeffrey R. Newport
Gregory G. Rose
Professor Jacquelyn and Dr. Robert Slotkin
The Honorable Lawrence F. Winthrop

Juris $1,499-$1,000

William M. Aul '81
George and Lisa Bartlett
Patricia Becker
David D. Bowers
Cynthia Boyd, Ph.D.
Michael and Barbara Bradshaw
H. A. Ted Bromfield
Steven M. Bronson '06
Christopher Burns
John and Evonne Damianos
Michael and Pamela Duffy
James S. Farley '74
Kelly Fernando
Elliot and Diane Feuerstein
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Duane M. Fiedler '78
Ronald P. Goldman '81
Goldman Sachs Gives
Douglas M. Grodin, M.D. and Maryann Lawrence Grodin
Eric A. Isaacson
Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego
Robert A. Leark, Ph.D.
Professor William and Sally Lynch
Donna D. Melby '78
Randall Melby '77
Charles and Karen Mesirow
Professor Linda Morton and Lenny Bole
Associate Dean Laura M. Padilla
Kevin F. Quinn
The Honorable Bernard E. and Mrs. Judith Revak
Dr. Vivian M. Reznik
Michael H. Sakai
James E. L. and Sarah Seay
Michelle A. Silenzio-Franklin
Howard and Jill Singer
Michael L. Smith
Law Offices of Beatrice L. Snider
Herbert J. and Elene Solomon
Jay H. Sorensen
The Honorable James and Kathleen Stiven
Professor Roberta K. Thyfault
Richard M. and Kathleen B. Trachok
Michael M. Tsai
Professor Janet and Ricardo Weinstein
Jerel L. West
Peter A. Winograd

G.O.L.D. Graduates of the Last Decade $250+

Brandon L. Abbott '11
Matthew C. Binninger '09
Maximiliano and Jennifer Couvillier
Stephen K. Crossno '04
Matthew J. Kadlec '09
Kevin R. O'Neil '05
Erica J. Pascal
Matthew P. Reinhart '07
Robert P. Robinson '03
Chad R. Ruyle '03
Alex W. Sachs
Arthur A. Severance
Anthony C. Strauss '04

Annual Supporters $999-$500

Richard C. Atkinson
James L. Bowers, Ph.D.
Carmen Brigandi
David Court
Professor Robert R. DeKoven
Jewish Community Foundation Diane and Elliot Feuerstein Fund
Greco Traficante Schultz & Brick
Crystal L. Hengel
Traci D. Howard
Gary L. Jahns
The Honorable Jerry J. Kaufman
David and Nancy Laufer
Stephen M. Marcus
Simon G. and Kim Mikhael
L. Bruce Norman
Assistant Dean Marilyn R. Scheininger
Robert K. Schraner '76
Peter J. Schulz
Laura C. Vanca Rosauer '97

Annual Supporters $499-$100

Anonymous Faculty
Amin Abdelghany
John W. Aebi '78
John T. Alexander, M.D. '07
Saad M. Ali
Roger D. Anderson
Susan R. Avelar
Avraham & Robinson LLP
Scott W. and Kerry A. Bader
Michael T. Bannon '06
Bar-Bri Bar Review
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bartell
Deborah A. Basile '86
Craig S. Benner '12
Steve Benner
Alice M. Bettencourt
James E. Betz
David J. Bills '72
Mark Birkhead
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Birstein
Thomas Duran and Marlene Blas
Jill T. Blatchley
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Bolinger
Bill Bookheim
Lori K. Boyle
Ruth Briscoe
David and Gaye Brobeck
Jeanne and Brian Broderick
Shane Broderick
Irwin and Arline Broida
Gary R. Bronstein
Leslie Bulgarella
Professor Arthur and Drusilla Campbell
Kelly Cardon
Joy R. Carroll
Jolie Cartier and David Green
Paul J. Cayere
Derrick H. M. Chan '85
Charlene Chatham
Ryan D. Childers
Jeffrey G. Chinn
Diana M. Concannon
Patrick Conolly
Professor James Cooper and Yvette Lopez-Cooper
Philip Corneil
Marilyn Cornell
Barbara Crosier
David R. Crowell
Donald and Mimi Curtin
Rachel Daly
Damianos Realty Group
Connie Davis
Dean Emeritus Michael and Katy Dessent
Joel S. Diamond
Katherine R. Difrancesca, Ph.D.
Deborah S. Dixon
Robert W. Easton
Professor Floralynn Einesman
Harriet P. Engberg
Raymond Enix
Veronica Enix
Esquire Solutions
Michael J. Fanelli '06
Laurie Farid
Milton D. Finch
Jessica K. Fink
J. D. Fitzsimons
Maria Flores de Galindo
Forensic Psych Consultants
Michael J. Forzano
Lenore and Paul Fraga
Friends of the Julian Library
David H. Fromm '78
Allan and Yjordis Frostrom
Karen R. Frostrom '99
Marie G. Fryberg
Hedelia Fujikawa
Scott A. Galbraith
Stephanie O. Garcia
David Gauss
The Honorable David and Marcia Gill
Gary Gittelson
Barbara A. Glennan and Steve Haslem
The Honorable Irma Gonzalez and Robert Brewer
Andrew Gomperts and Francesca Lehman
Donald L. Gouge
Kevin J. Gramling '97
Joyia Zapantis Greenfield
Kenneth N. Greenfield
Greenman, Lacy, Klein, O'Harra & Heffron
Christine A. Gritzmacher
Barbara R. (Haas) Gross '92
Dean Donald J. Guter
James and Sumiko Hackett
Steven R. and Vicky A. Hadley
Aimee L. Halsey
Wm. Lionel Halsey
Carrie and Kenneth M. Hanlon
Pamela A. Hardy-McFarland
M. Boone and Cindy Hellmann
Thomas J. and Diane Herbst
Elizabeth Hetherington
John M. Hickey '81
Sharon E. Hickey '82
Tara K. Hogan
Sue Holloway
Dennis J. Hopewell '75
Tim Horkan
Bradley L. and Julie R. Houston
Philip Hsia '12
Juliana B. Humphrey
Ariela Izsak '13
Carolyn and Keith Jackson
Andrea L. Jacobs '05
Jeffrey Jaeger '13
John's Automotive Care, Inc.
Charles S. and Kathy A. Johnson
William Kahler
Simon L. Kaufman
Michael Kaye
Russell J. and Sandra J. Kirk
Kaela A. Kono
Nancy Kramer
Tish La Torre
Michael A. Labazzo '82
Davina W. Lam '08
Jean-Claude Lapuyade '06
Anthony A. and Jacqueline S. LaRiche
Kathryn F. LaTorre
Steven A. Lawson
Joseph and Judith Leader
Robert L. Locke
Kathryn A. Lockwood
Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Long
Donald C. Lucas and Lynn Whitmoyer Lucas
Suzanne M. Lyte '85
Vice Admiral Bruce E. MacDonald '87
Robert M. Mack
Christopher L. Mangold '85
Judge and Mrs. Gregg Marcus
Anita J. Margolis
Nancy A. Marlin, Ph.D.
John R. Marquez, Jr.
Irene Martinez
James P. McCashin '75
San Diego Coin & Bullion
Metropolitan Legal Center, P.A.
Courtney R. Miklusak '98
Mary Lou Mitchell
John F. Montoya
Diane Nichols '94
Janice F. Mulligan
Mark E. Myers
Jonathan P. Obest
Allan Y. and Mabel Y. I. Okubo
Alycemary Orfield
The Honorable Michael B. Orfield
Kimberly A. Page, Esq.
Elizabeth Parker
Frank Passaglia
Donald Paulsen
Darryl G. and L. M. Perlin
John C. Peterson
Kristi and Richard Pfister
Steven Poliakoff
Skip Price
Fredric J. Raab
Susan E. Ragsdale
Jane Rand
Clarence J. Rasure and Michelle D. Volk '01
The Honorable James D. Ream
Susan S. Rodgers
Joshua P. Romero
James Rose, Jr.
Karole Rose
Kristine Rose
Lisa Rose
Steve Rose
Kellie Rose Ferguson
Nancy B. Rosenfeld
Norman H. Rosenfeld
Gary J. and Kathleen E. Rubin
Wilfrid C. Rumble
Steven K. Russell
Lee Rydalch
Daniel Safin
Robin Samit '01
Loren R. and Joan Sattinger
Steven B. Schulman
Kathleen M. Seibel
Mitchell L. and Beth Shadowitz
Tara D. Shah '01
Jerold S. Sherman
Samuel and Kathryn L. Sherry
Siri Shetty
Evan R. Shirley '72
Diane and Paul Shragg
Sid's Carpet Barn
Sherman H. and Susan Simmons
D'Marie Simon
Professor Glenn C. Smith and Diane Seaberg, Esq.
Robert M. Smith
Sheri L. Smith
Joyce Stallworth
Melvyn B. and Mary Elizabeth Stein
Carrie Stelzig
Jacqueline M. and Carl R. Stern
Kathleen Strauss, Ph.D.
Anne Swanson
Pamela R. Tait
Patricia Tardiff
Timothy S. Thomas '73
Marcy C. Thorne
The Honorable Charles J. and Mrs. Terri M. Tinlin
Jessica A. Tomson
Michael Tucker
Rikkyln S. Ueda '97
Mary K. Valasek '92
Ronald A. VandenBerg
Audrey Vasquez
Mary A. Vasquez '11
Julie T. Waggener
Bradley S. Wallace
Peggy Wallace
Colin Walshok '07
Lenden F. Webb '05
James P. White
Deborah L. Wilson
Karie N. Wilson '01
Louis M. Wolfsheimer '64
Brent E. Yoder
Gregg and Norma Jean Benjamin Young
Michael T. Yu
Bruce B. and Rosemary E. Yurman
Irwin M. Zalkin '79
Allan W. Ziman
Barbara C. Zimmerman

Gifts Under $100

Patricia Alaniz
Barakat A. Alao '11
Stephanie M. Alcala '13
R. and C. Amburgey
J. Eric Anderson '05
Albert and Maureen Austin
Barbara Bailey
Randall S. Bailey
Nicole Barvie '11
Nathan G. Batterman '11
Matthew B. Bernstein '13
Patrick W. Berry '11
Connie Bertrand
Brian W. Bevan '11
Diane Bickar
Gerard Bielak
Steve R. Binder
Kristine C. Blagof '11
Shelley B. Blair
The Honorable A. Craig Blakey, II
Kristine M. Borgia '11
Marc P. and Theresa R. Bouret
Janet Bowermaster and John Davis
Kathryn E. Boyd '11
Madeleine Boyd
Everett Boyle
Kenneth N. Brand '84
Justin Brooks
Donald J. Buckley
Dianne Cag, LL.M. '04
Maria Theresa T. Calimag '11
Christopher Call
Lauren E. Castello '11
Anthony J. Catena '13
Rebecca Cervenak '11
Lynne M. Cessante
Susan L. Chadderdon '11
Diane Chapman
Aamna Chaudhary
Meredith L. Claterbos '11
Zuzana Colaprete
Deb and Barry Connell
Ashley J. Cook '13
Carol Costa
Maria Costa '12
Nancy S. Cox
Jeff Crelling
Linda Crelling
Teresa Cullen
Brendan T. Daly '12
Jennifer Daly
Michele Daniels McKesson
Stanton W. Davies, II
Allison Davis
Abra DeGeare
Michaela P. Delacruz '13
Alexei G. Denisov
Erin E. Dillon '11
Christina H. Dinh '11
Michael P. Donahue '11
Peter and Mary Doyle
Robie Drew
Araceli L. Durazo '01
Carlos Durazo
C. Kevin and Le Ann Dykstra
Mark A. Eichman '91
Eileen Evans
Elise A. Farnsworth '93
Candis R. Ferguson '11
Enriqueta Fernandez
Nancy Fitch
Meghan E. Fletcher '12
The Honorable Lawrence W. Fry
Carol Fuller
Ellen Gabriel
Leticia Garcia
Mary E. and Robert P. Garcia
Sue Goodnow
Susan M. Gore
Corinne Goria
Richard Gorin
Laurel Granquist
John Grant
Amanda N. Griffin '12
Richardson C. Griswold
Jennifer L. Gustafson '11
Raymond Hadley
Elizabeth A. Harris '11
Natalie Harwood
Jeffrey S. Herman '11
Kimberly Hernandez
Hinkle and Foran, P.A. Attorneys at Law
Nikki Hlavin '11
Benjamin Hoffman
Christina M. Holmes '13
C. T. Hutchinson, Jr.
Alesandra L. Hutchison
Vassil V. Iliev
Tracy Ip
Carrie Jaffe
Abby L. Jarl '11
Ben Jenkins
Diana V. John '12
David A. Jones
Hilary Jordan
Marilyn Jordan
Stacey A. Kamin '11
Kevin Y. Kanooni
Maureen T. Kelley
Margaret Kennedy
Reem S. Khalil '13
Angela Kim
Clarence C. King '80
Diana King
Yaakov Y. Klein '11
Richard I. Kohn
Amy Krakower '10
Kim Kramer
Amy Krieg '11
Samantha Lacy
Timothy Lacy
Robin F. Lake
Bradford J. Lam '85
Jena Lam '13
Rachelle J. Lam '11
Wesley K. C. and Linda Lau
Christine T. Le
Andrea R. Leavitt
Bora Lee '13
Judith A. Levine
Joseph Lew
Michael S. Li '11
Glenn Lipson
Vanessa L. Loftus Brewer '09
Matthew M. Loker '11
Edie Lovingood
Melody L. Luetkehans '91
Tara R. Lusher '11
Donald I. Mac Innes
Diana T. Madalow
Alice Mainguy
Marisa D. Mandos '13
Philippe Maret
Anastasia R. Martin '11
Edward T. Martindale '11
Rebecca Mayorga
Samuel A. Mazzeo '11
James R. and Susan F. McCarl
Sandee McCartney
Robert McConnell
Shelly McGill
Barbara J. McGlone '11
Matthew D. McMillan '08
Nicole D. Melvani '11
Adriana I. Mendoza '13
Barbara J. Menzel
Kevin L. Metros '11
The Honorable David S. Milton
Mission Viejo Lot 37 Block LLC
David R. and Sherryl Moore
Yunuen B. Mora '11
John W. Morris
Lee S. Mosher
Jeanette Murphy
Dana L. Myers '11
Jeffrey A. and Veronica M. Myers
Nima Namdjou '12
Ms. Vivian T. Nelson
Network for Good
Stephanie S. Neudecker '11
Russell S. Newman
Desiree D. Nguyen '11
Nicoli Productions
John W. Nielsen '09
Nicole M. Nore '11
Douglas C. Nottingham '13
Ann and Joe Nye
Kevin R. O'Connor '96
Mrs. Susan A. O'Dean-Sekeres and Andrew Sekeres
Ron and Lisa Oberndorfer
Melissa A. Ocampo '11
Desiree M. Omli '12
Sarah Ortolf-Diessner
Amanda Painter
John Pappas '01
Eunjung Park '11
William Parker
Darryl Peek
Phillis Pena
Ashley M. Peterson '11
Linda G. Pollack
James W. Pravel
Pravel Intellectual Property Law, P.C.
Lara A. Prodanovich '11
Jane K. Rauch
Richard F. Rauscher
Lindsey J. Resha '11
Virginia Rohde
Deborah A. Roper
Doug Roper
James Rose
Walter and Rena Rose
Helen V. Sagastume '12
Maria Salazar
Daniel J. Salinas '11
Marcia Sanders
Angela H. Santamaria '11
Alyssa P. Sarbacher '11
Megan Scafiddi '11
Nicole M. Schoonveld '11
Annette Schwabe
Anne Schwartz
Tiffany L. Scott
Soren D. Seale
Jacqueline Sewell
Reana L. P. Shah '13
Jane Sherfy
Myra L. Shults '82
Robyn L. Silva '11
Zachary Smith
Veronika Snoblova '13
Shaun A. Spalding '11
Devin Sreecharana '11
Allison M. Steele '13
Rose M. Stelzig
Krista M. Stoumbos '13
Ben Sullins
Karen J. Suri '11
Megan P. Sussman
Mr. & Mrs. Swanson
David Swanson
Fred M. Szkolnik
Jilliam M. Tarabocchia '13
William S. Taylor '83
Collette M. Tesauro
Erika Thorbjornson
Janet N. Ton '11
James M. Turner '11
Elizabeth Valencia
Georgia Vanos '11
Donna L. Vella
Porsha S. Venable '11
Kevin J. Walshe '86
Dale J. Walther
Christopher C. Walton '04
Patricia A. Washington, Ph.D.
Susan A. Weekes
Samantha J. Weinstein '11
Ashley J. Welgan '11
Katelyn J. Wendell '11
Shawnessy Westcott Negrotto
Vanessa C. Whirl '12
Kathryn E. Wilkins '11
Julie O. Wolff '10
Douglas L. Wood '13
Jihan S. Yacoub '11
Aleksandr J. Yarmolinets '11
Lisa Yencarelli
Jordan D. Yuelys
Janice S. Yun '08
Shani O. Zakay '11
Mary Zapata
David Zugman