From the Director
New Avenues of Alumni Involvement and Engagement

From the Director

At California Western, our commitment to supporting your professional growth doesn't stop at graduation.

The office of Alumni Affairs takes an active role in helping you expand your impact by providing all graduates with programs that connect alumni to one another and to the resources of the law school. We believe that people who discover and follow their purpose can transform their community and the world.

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Your Alumni Association Board of Directors

The California Western Alumni Association is led by a board of directors that oversees the strategic direction of the association. The board assists the office of Alumni Affairs in our mission to help you grow and pursue your purpose.

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Distinguished Alumni Awards

The office of Alumni Affairs will launch the Distinguished Alumni Awards in September 2014. This exciting new program offers our community the opportunity to recognize and honor alumni for their outstanding service to the law school, community, and legal profession.

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Alumni Association Volunteer Day

The office of Alumni Affairs invites you to join together for a day of volunteer community service.

The goal of this program is to implement a local and regional volunteer day of community service for all California Western students and alumni. The volunteer day will take place annually on the same day in each region for all students, alumni association groups, and California Western alumni.

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Regional Alumni Association Clubs

As California Western continues to grow in size and diversity, so do our regional Alumni Association clubs. The Alumni Association serves as the umbrella organization for our various alumni clubs by supporting their unique and valued connection. Passionate volunteers from across the country lead the clubs by promoting and representing California Western’s values and mission. The office of Alumni Affairs is here to provide expertise and assistance to our alumni clubs, new and old, that continue to serve and build the California Western network. 

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Lori K. Boyle
Lori K. Boyle
Director of Alumni Affairs

It is hard for me to believe that it has been eight years since I began my position as alumni director. The years have seemingly flown by.

My first four years were spent growing and restructuring the Alumni Association Board of Directors, rebuilding alumni weekend, implementing regional events, and developing several key programs that take place in San Diego.  

However, four years ago I was asked to also lead the Department of Development. While directing both development and alumni relations over the past four years I had to dedicate the majority of my time to fundraising efforts.   

Now, in an effort to rebuild and strengthen our alumni program-strengthening our relationship with you-the office of Alumni Affairs will soon implement new avenues of involvement, service, and engagement. 

It is with great excitement that I share with you a new shift in Alumni Affairs programming!

Over the next few years you will see to a variety of new programs, events, and services.  Several of these events and programs are featured throughout this magazine.  It is my hope that you find these programs interesting. I hope that they inspire you!    

It is an honor and a privilege to be your Director of Alumni Affairs. I very much look forward to what the next eight years will bring!

Warm Regards,

Lori K.Boyle